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Who we are

Primordia is a global health organization with over three decades of experience researching and developing a complete line of natural, high quality, health-enhancing foods and dietary supplements. We seek to address the nutritional deficit in our daily diet by helping to replenish the body with precious minerals and trace elements that are necessary for proper bodily functions. Our strong research and development capabilities, including our own GMP certified and FDA registered manufacturing and bottling facility, our close association with advanced research institutions and hospitals, and our relationships with medical doctors at major medical centers around the world, enable us to produce only the highest quality products available today. Our sister company in Taiwan has established over 90 health stores throughout Asia to provide local consumers with immediate access to our health products.

In our quest for optimal health, we see the lack of balance and harmony as the key reasons to why there are so many chronic diseases afflicting today’s society. Although our products are meant only to supplement diet and boost overall health, we believe that ultimately good health can only be restored through a complete body-mind-spirit transformation that includes the pursuit of a balanced diet, plentiful daily exercise, correct breathing, positive thinking and interactions with others, and most importantly, gratitude.

What we stand for

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