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Our Vision on Health

At Primordia, we are committed to improving the physical and mental well being of all mankind and to preserving our natural environment. We hope to achieve our vision through the application of advanced scientific and technological breakthroughs while at the same time respecting and acknowledging the wisdom of the Ancients. We strongly believe that our vision can be fulfilled through the collaborative effort of unique individuals who are encouraged to explore their creativity and ingenuity under the guidance of our core beliefs and values. We will disseminate knowledge universally through educational programs. Our products are natural, environmentally-friendly, and affordable in order to provide the most benefit to the general public. We seek to promote and restore health and well-being through the use of a comprehensive range of natural products that represent cutting edge, 21st century nano-scale and biomedical technology. We believe that the most effective way to achieve this mission is to combine the best practices from both Modern and Natural or Holistic Medicines and Sciences. That is, we make use of precious knowledge accumulated since ancient times that is enhanced by today’s technology. Thus, applying the wisdom of the Ancients to today’s standards is our motto. It is the basis for Primordia.

To achieve our goal, we target the roots of the crises created by our modern society. In health, the vast majority of ailments are chronic or stem from chronic conditions. Yet, as much as Modern Medicine has advanced over time through its many technological breakthroughs, it still mainly targets specific disease agents or disease systems, often resulting in relief at the symptomatic level. Natural Medicine, on the other hand, attempts to heal the person as a whole by addressing the core constitution or biotype, but it is often slow in action and not easily reproduced. Although the ancient methods of natural healing have been actively practiced throughout the past, they have been long forgotten in the modern era as new scientific breakthroughs in Modern Medicine have captivated the public attention. Modern Medicine has brought wonderful breakthroughs in science, medicine, and technology and has been successful in alleviating acute conditions with surgery and often synthetic and harmful drugs. It has treated the process of healing as an attempt to eliminate specific symptoms and has thereby been less successful with the treatment of chronic ailments, such as heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes. Thus, it is our intent to combine the best elements of these two modalities of healing and to integrate them with the latest breakthroughs in physics, chemistry, and biology. We emphasize a radical and wholistic body-mind-spirit restructuring that directly addresses the root causes of many of the crises found in health and in other areas of our lives. This restructuring necessitates a complete change in our lifestyles.

With this integrated approach, our organization hopes to provide the general public with natural products that not only enhance one’s physical and mental health, but that also bring back stability and wholesomeness into one’s life. Our product offerings include health foods and supplements, natural cleaning agents, breath-training tools, full spectrum lighting, exercise tools, subtle energy enhancers, and a whole range of other innovative tools that use the latest material technologies and that are created to help change our existing lifestyles. In addition to these, we also use all types of educational tools to reach out to the general public.

Central to our philosophy is the belief that we cannot be healthy unless our Mother Earth is healthy. This necessitates that we also become involved in a number of other areas, such as environmental protection, alternative energy and material sourcing, soil conservation, sustainable farming, affordable housing, and child education. We have created a whole range of innovative products and technologies to address these various topics. To advocate our cause, we fully utilize our Group’s strengths in research and development in the areas of bio-fermentation, nano-sciences, and nanomaterials, and we also work closely with a group of like-minded organizations and human talents around the world. We hope that our efforts in education and product innovation will contribute to the radical transformation of our collective body-mind so that we may embrace health not only for ourselves but for the entire Earth.

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